As you may be aware, the DVSA is paying close attention to the horsebox industry and in particular, to lightweight horseboxes which they suspect may be operating overweight.

2014 saw more than 40% of all horseboxes weighed by the DVSA being overloaded and since then a year on year increase on overloading. This means they are:

  • Unsafe
  • Uninsured
  • Illegal

Be sensible and have your horsebox weight checked when fully loaded. We have seen cases of horseboxes being stopped, checked and impounded on the roadside, owing to running overweight. The horses in transit have to be loaded into a different box and taken away and the resultant fines are ever increasing in size. Yet there is an alternative!

We can assist with:

We can uprate most lightweight horseboxes by up to 400kg, ensuring you can carry two horses safely and legally. Within licence restrictions, we are able to uprate some 7500kg to 8000kg. This provides vital payload capability when carrying an extra horse and/or tack and offers peace of mind for the owner. SvTech has carried out extensive work and testing on lightweight models and has covered uprates for most lightweight vehicles

It is worth noting that some uprates require modifications or changes to the vehicle’s braking, tyres and/or suspension, for which SvTech provides a simple purpose-built suspension assister kit. This will take between 1-2 hours for you to fit. Your horsebox will then go for a formal inspection to bring it into the ‘Goods’ category, and, depending on the vehicle’s age, may also require fitment of a speed limiter, for which there are one or two options. Most importantly vehicles registered after May 2002, must be fitted with manufacturer’s ABS, if going above 3500kg.

If you’re unsure, or don’t believe, that you need to uprate your lightweight horsebox, try taking it to a public weighbridge when you’re fully loaded with your horse, tack, passenger, hay, etc, and weigh off each axle individually and the vehicle as a whole. There could be a distinct chance that you’ve overloaded one of the axles, even if you’re within the GVW. If there is a problem, we can help.

SvTech can downrate 10,11 & 12 tonnes horseboxes down to 7500kg to allow non-HGV licence-holders to drive them.

We have designed an application that allows a horsebox owner to calculate their likely laden weight. This is calculated by the user entering the vehicle’s unladen weight and vehicle dimensions, and then adding their desired loads, e.g. fuel, passengers, horses etc. The program then calculates the results, based on the data entered, to give a Load Distribution Analysis, and warning if the user has overloaded a particular axle or axles. The user will then know how much they are able to carry safely. SvTech can advise on any problems arising, as the company is able to increase the payload allowance on many makes and models.

Our specialist technology enables us to provide technical support to motorhome owners that is recognised by DVSA and vehicle manufacturers. To have a chat about how we can help you, please give us a call!


Further Information

Official DVSA document for horsebox users (PDF)

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