iconUpratingWhiteAs you may be aware, the DVSA is paying close attention to the condition and weight of vehicles, because over recent years it has found that more and more of them are running overloaded.

SvTech can uprate most makes and models of motorhomes, horseboxes, minibuses, pickups and LCVs; we have carried out dynamic brake testing on all of these models in order to create precedent reports with the DVSA, against which we offer uprates to give the user as much as 500kg extra payload. Obviously each make and model is different, but we are confident in being able to help you!

We would advise anyone owning or buying a specialist vehicle to ensure that they have an up-to-date weight ticket showing a weight well within the official GVW. Bearing in mind that the manufacturers’ brochure kerb weight figure has a 5% margin of error, it could mean that your particular vehicle is nearly 150kg over the brochure figure.

SvTech can provide a one-stop service, advising you on your options and, if needed, uprating your vehicle, of which some will require a suspension modification.

We assess each vehicle individually through a simple form.
If you’d wish to discuss further, our engineers will be able to assist, though it will help them if you have available a photo of the vehicle chassis/VIN plate with weights on, the age of vehicle, tyre sizes front and rear and what the previous and intend use of the vehicle will be.
If you have this all available, please send this through our portal

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