DownplatingAs well as replating a vehicle to legally carry heavier loads, owners can also reduce the legal maximum weight their vehicle can carry. This is called downplating and it normally occurs for one of two reasons; either licence restrictions applying to drivers turning 70 and those not having the C1 category on their licence, or for Low Emission purposes whereby the owner wants to reduce their payment amount by reducing payload allowance, thus dropping into a cheaper category.

In the past, the DVSA insisted on a physical change happening to the vehicle by reducing the suspension travel and packing out the bump-stops with a “packer kit”. However, the DVSA now realises that a physical change doesn’t have to happen and instead the alteration is made on the vehicle’s paperwork through the UK’s Notifiable Alteration procedure (VTG10).

Essentially, SvTech is able to downplate 10-12 tonnes HGVs to 7500kg so that non-HGV licence holders can drive them on their normal licence (this only applies to those drivers who passed their test before 1st January 1997).

We also downplate many motorhomes from 3,700kg or 3,850kg when the owner reaches 70 years old and cannot pass the required medical to continue driving at the higher weight.

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