Special Vehicle Technology

SvTech Ltd was formed in 1993 specifically to offer technical support to truck and van manufacturers and converters in the UK and Europe. We specialise in matters relating to Vehicle Type Approval, with particular emphasis on payloads and braking systems.

Over thirty years we have continually enhanced our services and now sit as the UK’s leading authority on re-rating vehicles, which includes uprating to give more payload capacity, and downplating to reduce Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) for licence and low-emission purposes.

SvTech has accumulated a vast database about all makes and models of commercial vehicles, and our service is used across the UK and Europe to modify motorhomes, minibuses, horseboxes, vans and heavy goods vehicles. We advertise in all of the relevant press and offer free weight checks at various motorhome shows and equestrian events across the country, in order to highlight the very real dangers of overloading and to show how prevalent it has become over recent times. Indeed, the DVSA have released figures every year, indicating that over 80% of vehicles stopped for suspected overloading are in fact over their legal axle weights and/or GVW thus invalidating their insurance. This could be very costly for drivers.

We want to help you stay within your legal weight limits!
We also offer a number of other technical support services for your vehicle – for full details please go here or drop a quick enquiry through the link at the top of the page.