SvTech is the UK’s leading vehicle re-rating specialist, with particular emphasis on the light commercial markets, which include vans, minibuses, motorhomes, horseboxes and 4×4’s.
Vehicle overloading is a real problem in the UK, with DVSA statistics reporting that over 80% of LCVs stopped were actually overweight, leading to fines and driving convictions.
We can uprate and downplate many makes and models to help you avoid payload or licence issues.
You can test your vehicle weights now by using our free Load Distribution Program to calculate a vehicle’s likely laden weight.

Our customer base encompasses all the major vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, truck dealers, vehicle conversion specialists and the general public.
With over 30 years’ trading history in the LCV and HGV market, you can be assured of our quality and accuracy.

Modification Support

During the lean years of the motor industry, manufacturers began a process of rationalisation and engineering became concentrated on current and future production. Sadly, many of the talented engineers whose main function was directed at after-sales support were gradually either re-located or not replaced. Some were able to put their knowledge to good use in the after-market, as numerous chassis converters took up the opportunity to engineer specialised modifications not covered by a manufacturer’s standard product range.

SvTech’s early history was devoted to providing technical support to the chassis conversion market, covering the typical output of a manufacturer’s applications engineering facility that was no longer available. Such was the background of SvTech’s founder and Managing Director. Technical advances to trucks have complicated matters and vehicle conversions have become the preserve of a fewer number of companies capable of or, for that matter, prepared to undertake after-sales modifications. For those that still flourish in this environment, the services of SvTech are always available.

SvTech pioneered conversions for electronically braked heavy goods vehicles. Our specialist technology also enables us to provide technical support to people modifying various types of vehicles (including many with Electronic Brake Systems) and is recognised by DVSA and vehicle manufacturers. For further information on this, please see our Brake Calculations and Type Approval services.