It’s come to our attention that a couple of converters/engineers are offering uprates on 4×4’s that are wholly illegal and more importantly, totally unsafe.

The legal uprating of vehicles requires that testing has been carried out in accordance with ministry regulations in order to achieve approval. We have discovered that the weight increases on the rear axle are well in excess of vehicle’s design limits and are putting exceptional stress on the rear axle. There is no testing data to prove it is possible. The maximum permissible rear axle weight is around half a ton less, and even at that weight, heavy rear end loads, such as demountables, have shown that the chassis can bend.

Stay Safe!

This is a serious risk to vehicle and driver safety. These vehicles are NOT designed for such high rear end loads. There are NO approvals in place in the UK to cover that vehicle’s braking system at this uprated axle weight, nor are the companies in question qualified to offer such uprates and are not on the DVSA’s recognised Converter’s list. In addition, the insurance on these vehicles will be invalidated, putting the driver, passengers and other road users at risk.

The DVSA and DVLA are now aware of this transgression and are taking appropriate action. SvTech has always carried out rigorous brake and suspension testing to achieve Ministry approvals at uprated weights. Without testing a vehicle, anybody could abuse the system and make up unrealistic figures.